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The Polykala distillery began its history in 1897 in Lixouri of kefalonia island. The founder Vassilis Polykalas, was involved in the wine trade and began to make various types of liqueurs, either following the recipe faithfully or making the necessary variations. The products are put on the market and immediately become known for their excellent quality. The reputation very quickly exceeds the narrow limits of the island and the company is transferred to Athens.

The years go by and at the same time with the course of the country, the family continues to be interested in the preparation of liqueurs and drinks, reaching today the fourth generation. The secret recipes of the liqueurs of great-grandfather V. Polykalas are worked with the same dedication and are baptized "Polykalas Collection 1897", while at the same time, they are combined with the modern era. The packaging evolves, the flavors retain their basic elements while they also evolve.

A rich range of liqueurs occupies a significant part of the list of options. Among them, the liqueur from selected sour cherries with aromas of pure spices stands out, while the juicy plums with the delicate taste are transformed into liqueurs based on the traditional recipe. Ideally, it is offered as an aperitif but also as a digestive.

Lemon liqueur is produced from the peel of citrus, highlighting its essential aromas and based on the recipe from Padua, Italy. Plain or with ice, you will enjoy Chios mastic with its rich aroma and crystalline appearance. The fruity and light fruit of the bergamot, in combination with the appropriate recipe of the Polykala family, create a nectar with subtle aromas of spices.

The fragrant aroma of bitter almond, or picromantola, as it is commonly called in Kefalonia, gives a liqueur that can ideally be combined with fresh juice of citrus and other fruits. Rakomelo Polykala, stands out for its deep color, for the sweet taste of honey and the distinctive aromas of fruits and spices.

he tincture with the spicy taste of cinnamon, stands out in its crystalline luxurious packaging, while the exuberant hazelnut liqueur combines intense hazelnut with the subtle aromas of spices and oak.

You will find POLYKALA products available in the area of Lavreotiki at THEKA Confectionery in Keratea.