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What is padel?:

Padel is the most developing sport in Europe, 1st popular in Argentina and 2nd in Spain, while it is expected to become the next Olympic sport!

A sport that combines tennis, squash and racket, simple for any age and fitness, easy and simple for children, while also promoting teamwork!

Team and fun family sport!

Perception is more important than physical strength. Improves reflexes and is ideal for proper exercise and improved health.

Improves the cardiovascular system, increases strength, muscle tone and lowers cholesterol levels, allowing you to burn up to 1000 calories per game!

In our facilities you will find:
- 3 Padel courts: 2 open and one closed
- Children's, men's and women's sections for training with experienced coaches

We provide you with the first game for free to get to know the sport!

You do not need any knowledge or training to be able to play!

Just make your quartet and close the court!