Microbiological Laboratories

Biomedical Analysis - Nikolaos Potamianos

Biomedical Analysis Nikolaos Potamianos

Microbiological - Hematological - Hormonological - Immunibiological - Biochemical

Working Hours: From Monday to Friday 6:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Except Saturday & Sunday | Contract with EOPPY

Tel.: 22990 63200
Mobile: 6936 316651

Lappa Thomais - Microbiological Laboratory

Lappa Thomais Microbiological Laboratory

Microbiologist EOPPY, General Health Tests - Blood Tests, Assessions - Urine Cultures, Fertility Test - Paternity DNA - AIDS, PAP Test, Sermms, Hormonal & Canceral Indicators etc.

Tel.: 22920 60029
Mobile: 6979 814103

Dentists - Dental technicians

Emmanouilidis - Orthodontic - Orthodontic Reconstruction

Orthodontic Reconstruction

Emmanouilidis E. George
Orthodontist Specialist
Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

Orthodontic Reconstruction was founded in 2009 in order to cover the whole range of diagnosis and treatment of orthodontic and dental anomalies.

"There’s always a reason to smile"

Tel.: 22990 69030
Mobile: 6976 712257
Facebook: Ορθοδοντική Ανάπλαση


Pharmacy Dermani Efrosini

Dermani Efrosini Pharmacy

Medicines, cosmetics, paramedics, dietary supplements

Tel.: 22990 42850
Facebook: Φαρμακείο Δερμάνη Ευφροσύνη

Pharmacy Kapaxi Florina - Kapaxis Theodoros

Kapaxi Florina - Kapaxis Theodoros & CO OE Pharmacy

Nutritional supplements, Care products, Dermocosmetics, Herbal cosmetics, Hair dyes, Baby Products, Orthopedic, Presbyopia glasses

Tel.: 22920 25846
Facebook: Φαρμακείο Καπαξή Φλωρίνα - Καπαξής Θεόδωρος και ΣΙΑ Ο.Ε.
Instagram: @pharmacy_kapaxis

Τσίτουρα Νίκη & ΣΙΑ ΟΕ - Φαρμακείο

Tsitoura Niki & CO OE Pharmacy

In the central square of Lavrio since 1976 a place of health, wellness and beauty.

With scientific responsibility and consistency we provide our advice to those who trust us.

With love for the field of health, constant renewal, responsibility and respect, we offer you personalized solutions in the field of health and personal cosmetic care.

Tel.: 22920 25172
Instagram: @tsitoura_pharmacy

Tsakalis Dimitrios - Pharmacist

Tsakalis Dimitrios Pharmacist

Pharmacy in the center of the city of Lavrio

Tel.: 22920 25367

Psychologists - Psychiatrists

Lina Nikolaidou Psychologist

Nikolaidou Lina Psychologist

Lina Nikolaidou

Tel.: 22920 69479
Mobile: 6936 248139
Linkedin: Lina Nikolaidou
Facebook: Νικολαΐδου Λίνα, Ψυχολόγος

Eleni Sdravikli Psychiatrist - Psychotherapist

Sdravikli Eleni Psychiatrist - Psychotherapist

Psychiatrist - Psychotherapist Eleni Sdravikli provides Integrated Psychiatry and Psychotherapy care for all mental disorders.

Tel.: 22921 59220
Mobile: 6938 270358
Facebook: Σδραβικλή Ελένη, Ψυχίατρος-Ψυχοθεραπεύτρια, Λαύριο

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