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In Lazo our desire is to offer a cuisine with Greek aroma using special combinations of classic and alternative flavors, thus giving a different dimension to the term tavern.

Lazo is the place we prepared with a lot of love and passion in one of the most historic buildings of Keratea. The name is inspired by a photograph, dated 1925, of Pericles D. Tolias in the village square, who according to testimonies never parted his knife - the lazo as he used to say.

LAZO, therefore, is located in the heart of the city, has a hall with a warm and intimate atmosphere that refers to other times. With delicious food, well cooked or perfectly cooked, selected ingredients, most organic, selected from nearby areas, warm and well-designed space (stone hall in winter, courtyard in summer) and affordable prices for everyone.

You can enjoy crispy Arvanite fried bread, or pastourmadopitakia of Xanthi, salad with organic greens from Vravrona or vegan seasonal salad with mushrooms, crispy onions and cherry tomatoes, pancetta with honey (or hand-made kontosouvli) hung in hooks and many delicious and special dishes.

Open from Monday to Friday 19:00-00:30, Saturday & Sunday from noon.