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4Sushi Lovers by Tarsanas is located on the ring road of Lavrio, leaving the port towards Athens. Here you will taste authentic versions of Japanese flavors with excellent service and an idyllic setting overlooking the Gulf of Thorikos.

Try the perfect ebi tempura with sweet chili mayo, nigiri salmon or tuna and a great selection of Sushi rolls. Of course, you can't miss the favorite bao buns. You can choose bao bun with duck or tempura sea bass.

Finally, noodles are a solid choice. Options such as noodles with shrimp, squid or duck will become your favorites.

For about 30 years, the Tarsanas fish tavern in Lavrio combines the exquisite delicacies of the sea with excellent bulk wine and tsipouro! With an open kitchen and pans that... catch fire... Freshness in the cooking of his kitchen is an unbreakable rule, while creativity lies in detail, simplicity and highlighting the freshness of the raw materials.

Without a fixed menu, every day - with a lot of research - they cook whatever is fresh from the sea... An ideal proposal for a taste excursion for seafood lovers with a 'teased' cuisine that they develop daily, taking us on a journey to the beauty of the seabed.