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Nasiol Greece

Nasiol Greece

Nasiol is a leading manufacturer of surface protection in the world, offering effective solutions, using the latest developments in nanotechnology.
Nasiol specially formulated products are widely used in the automotive, industrial, home, textile, personal accessory and marine.

Vafidis Car Paints & Details

Vafidis Car Paints & Details

Vafidis Athanasios

Paints - Details - Car Care

Tel.: 22990 42833
Tel.: 6945 361114
Facebook: Vafidis car paints & Details
Instagram: @vafidis_car_detail

Kaloidis Car Painting

Kaloidis Car Painting

Car paints Kaloidis George in Panorama Keratea

Tel.: 22920 40223
Tel.: 6989 169026

Driving Schools

Palamidis Ioannis - Driving School - Traffic Education Park

Palamidis Ioannis Driving School - Traffic Education Park

Driving School - Palamidis Ioannis

Traffic Education Park

Traffic Education Teacher

Tel.: 6944 306615


LEON rent a car

Leon Rent a Car

Leon Rent a Car is a family business founded in 2001 and located at the entrance of the port of Lavrio.

With many years of experience in the field, we offer car rental services.

With excellent and friendly service, clean charges without hidden surcharges, 24-hour roadside assistance and emergency telephone for everything you need.

Our vehicles are delivered clean and checked.

Tel.: 22920 69293
Mobile: 6937 501989

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Contact Person: Vangelis Tarasis